Tuesday, June 13, 2017


To the fat girls out there, why aren't you losing any weights?

Are you just not interested in losing weight?
Or are you giving up because it's hard to lose weight?
I'm just asking this out of curiosity..


1. [+39][-7] OP-ya, why are you living your life like that? I'm just asking this out of curiosityㅎㅎ

2. [+28][-0] It's none of your business.. Let's just not pay attention on someone else's weight.. That's the typical charateristics of Korean, they care about looks too much.. 'Oh, you have a pimple right there!' 'Oh, you gained a lot of weight!' 'Oh, you don't suit that hairstyle!' etc..

3. [+14][-0] Are you really asking it out of your curiosity? Then what's up with the picture? One of my friends is fat because of her genes, no matter how hard she tries to go on a diet or to lose weight, she just can't. A lot of kids in my school make fun of her weight as if it was nothing and I really want to slap them so hard. Why do you care so much about somebody else's looks?;; Please know that there are people who want to lose weight, but they just can't.

4. [+7][-0] It's the same question as 'You're ugly, why don't you get plastic surgery done on your face?'

5. [+6][-2] This is seriously the only country that cares so much about looks, especially the women;;

6. [+4][-1] F*ck you.. Do you think we're all fat because we want to?

7. [+3][-0] I seriously don't understand the mindset of people like you.. 

8. [+3][-0] There's no need for you to know..

9. [+3][-0] Why does it mean so much to you whether if they lose weight or not? It's not like all of human in this world needs to be thin.. There's no need for us to match up with somebody else's beauty standards..

10. [+5][-0] It's not that we don't have the minds to lose weight, we simply just don't care about our weight. Instead, you should stop caring about how other looks.