Sunday, November 6, 2016


This gif is a proof that Seo Kangjoon is a bad-kisser?

The female character is Lee Taeim

-Is this post talking about how bad Seo Kangjoon is at kissing..?

-Isn't this just a set up from the drama?

-Ah.. This reminds me of that scene of him eating watermelon..

-He looks sexier when he eats watermelon..ㅋㅋㅋ

-I really expect a lot from him after seeing that scene of him eating watermelon..

-Hul.. I like that kind of Choo-Wap Choo-Wap kiss though.. It's really heart-fluttering..

-Whoa.. He has an amazing jaw line..

-Whoa.. He looks cool in that gif, though?

-It's fine, though? It's not that dirty and it's kind of realistic..

-It somehow looks cute..

-Isn't that the proper way of kissing someone..??? I've never kissed anyone in my entire life..

-It's.. pervy.. 

-^^I like it..

-Seo Kangjoonㅎㅎ.. I like it..

-He's such a bad-kisser..

-Kangjoon.. My Kangjoon.. Don't you dare to kiss anything else beside watermelon with that lips of yours..

-Let's say that he's a bad kisser.. His face still covers it all up, anyway..

-I'm so jealous of Lee Taeim..

-I.. don't think so.. It doesn't matter.. It's Seo Kangjoon..

-I don't think so.. I don't know, I've never kissed anyone in my entire life..

-Who was it.. There's an actor who's really good at kissing, but I can't remember his name..
  -Lee Jinwook??
  -Lee Sangwoo??
  -Kim Raewon..
  -Jo Jungsuk..
  -Seo Inguk?

-I can hear the noises from hereㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

(in case you're wondering about the watermelon gif they're talking about)