Friday, October 14, 2016

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Who is the best female character in 2016?

Actress who doesn't only have the girlcrush vibes, but also lovely and has a good acting skills.

Cheese in The Trap: Hong Seol (Kim Go Eun)

Cheese in The Trap: Baek Inha (Lee Sungkyung)

Signal: Cha Soohyun (Kim Hyesu)

Descendants of The Sun: Kang Moyeon (Song Hyekyo)

Descendants of The Sun: Yoon Myungjoo (Kim Jiwon)
Anothre Oh Haeyoung: Oh Haeyoung 1/2?? (Seo Hyunjin)

Uncontrollably Fond: Noeul PD (Suzy)

Doctors: Yoo Hyejung (Park Shinhye)

Doctors: Jin Seowoo (Lee Sungkyung)

Lucky Romance: Shim Bonui (Hwang Jungeum)

W: Oh Yeonjoo (Han Hyojoo)

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds: Hong Raon (Kim Yoojung)

Moon Lovers: Haesoo (IU)

Jealousy Incarnate: Pyo Nari (Gong Hyojin)


-Cha Soohyun.

-Cha Soohyun and Yoon Myungjoo!!!

-Cha Soohyun, Pyo Nari, Yoon Myungjoo.. I love you<3

-Of course it's Yoon Myungjo..

-Hong Raon!!!!!!!!!!

-Oh Haeyoung and Pyo Nari..

-It's obviously #3..

-Lee Sungkyung is so lovely.. But for girlcrush+skills, it's Kim Hyesu..

-Let's scream out her name!!!!!!!! It's #3!!! She's has both the lovely vibes and also the girlcrush vibes!!!

-I scrolled down to the comment section after seeing Cha Soohyun, without bothering to see the other candidates..

-Cha Soohyun, Yoon Myungjoo, Oh Haeyoung, Yoo Hyejung..

-I love Hyesu Unnie so much..

-It's obviously Pyo Nariㅠㅠ She suits all of the criterias you mentioned in the beginning of the postㅠㅠ

-It's Yoon Myungjo, she suits all of the criterias..

-Girlcrush + skills + lovely = Kim Hyesu

-Princess Yeonhwa from Moon Loversㅠㅠㅠ

-Kang Moyeon and Pyo Nariㅠㅠㅠ

-Seo Hyunjin!!

-Oh Yeonjoo and Pyo Nari~~~

-Haeyoung doesn't have the girlcrush vibes but she's really good at acting, Ican feel her emotions..

-Hyesu and Yoon Myungjoo!!