Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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Male groups with the cutest choreographies ever

B1A4: What's Happening, Beautiful Target, Good Night

BEAST: Beautiful

Infinite: She's Back, Nothing's Over

TeenTop: Lovefool


Block B: Tell Them

BTOB: Second Confession

B.A.P: Crash, Stop It

Got7: Just Right

Winner: Don't Flirt

Seventeen: Adore U, Pretty U



1. [+130][-12] Adore U!

2. [+117][-9] Adore U!

3. [+113][-6] I want to gather all of the pretty words and give it to you~

4. [+72][-4] Thanks for mentioning our Seventeenㅜㅜ<3

5. [+70][-4] Thanks for mentioning Sebong~ I hope OP's favorite group will rise more in the future!

6. [+68][-3] The train part in Adore U..? It's so cute to see their interactions with each other during that part.. And it's really fun to see them changing their choreographies!

7. [+68][-5] Mansae!

8. [+45][-3] You're so pretty!!

9. [+43][-14] I personally like BTOB's The Winter's Tale! And their stage outfits are so cute as wellㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+39][-1] So cute..