Wednesday, September 21, 2016

This post got 20,000 likes on facebook (Where can I find a girl like this?)

So what if my boyfriend is short? It's fine as long as he's still taller than me.
So what if my boyfriend smokes? He'll quit once we get married
So what if my boyfriend is ugly?.. and Me?ㅋ
So what if my boyfriend plays game? We can play together.
So what if my boyfriend has a bad personality? It's okay as long as he treats me right.
So what if my boyfriend has no money? I can pay.
Why do men have to own houses and cars?
Why do men have to pay for everything?
Is your boyfriend an ATM machine? What kind of sin did he commit?
Why do men have to be handsome and rich, 
why are they the one who have to spend their money, and height!! Why do they have to be tall? Why?
Hey you, girls who keep nitpicking on them because of things like these.
How much better are you to nitpick on them for these things?
Are you dating your boyfriend to show him off to people around you?
If you are, then just live alone forever.

-Are you writing a novel?ㅋㅋㅋ Just mind your own bussiness..

-Let's just not use Facebook anymore..

-Did a man write this..

-If he smokes, your health will be affected as well and if his personality is bad.. just.. don't date him..

-Why are you dating him if he smokes, has a bad personality and makes you pay for everything..? If it was me, I'd prefer to live alone forever..

-I don't know about anything else, but I won't date someone who smokes..

-It's so cringe-worthy..

-Seems like a middle-school student wrote this..

-I would hate it if my boyfriend has a bad personality, eventhough he treats me right..

-So cringey.. Yeah, whatever.. I have no plans to get married in the future, don't worry about me..

-Such a non-sense..

-Lalalallalala OK~

-Ah.. So the OP likes men who smoke, play game, short, ugly, has bad personality, poor, and don't own any car or houses.. I respect your personal preferences!

-Then why do women have to have good body and pretty face?

-People who write things like that are usually the ones who actually have never dated any guy in their entire life...

-How could you tolerate men who smoke and has bad personality??

-I..'d rather to live alone forever than to have a boyfriend like that..

-That's so freaking hilariousㅋㅋㅋ

-Why would you play game with your boyfriend..

-Whatever.. You can date men like that, I won't bother at all.. I would rather to live alone..

-This is so funny..