Friday, September 23, 2016

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Astro's Cha Eunwoo went to Sungkyunkwan Uni. yesterday

-Whoa.. The pictures are blurry but he still looks handsome..

-Whoa.. Why are there no handsome guys like him in my school..

-I didn't know that he's good at studying as well.. I have to stop thinking that good-looking people are stupid..

-He's really handsome..ㅎ  I would really love to go to school if there's someone like him in my school..

-He's so handsomeㅠㅠ

-Whoa.. Sungkyunkwan uni.. He's so handsome and he seems to be really good at studying..

-He goes to Sungkyunkwan..? Amazing..


-He's good looking and he's also good at singing, dancing, and studying.. Unbelievable..

-He's so freaking good-looking...

-Hul.. He enrolled to Sungkyunkwan before he debuted.. (that means he didn't get any special admission)

-I've seen him personally, in real life before and he's so handsome..


-Cha Eunwoo is seriously really really very (nice) handsome.. 

-How could he be that good-looking..

-I almost cried because of the task I had to do at school earlier.. Thank you, Eunwoo-ya... I will try to study harder..

-Who's this guy?

-He's handsome.. and tall.. and smart.. Do you even have anything you're lacking in.. My future husband?

-Whoa.. Celebrities are not celebrities for no reason..

-Hul.. He's in college.. 

-I'm sure he would be so popular at his school for being smart and good-looking, if he wasn't a celebrity..

-I heard he didn't get into Sungkyunkwan through celebrity special admission, but through invitation special admission (he got invited to enroll to the uni.)

-Whoa Eunwoo-ya.. You shine so bright..

-Whoa.. He somehow looks like a fairy..

-Whoa.. He's really flawless..

-Whoa.. He's a walking art.. I really wanted to get accepted to Sungkyunkwan uni. back then when I was in high school..