Saturday, August 13, 2016

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Son Naeun wearing breast pads?

-Why are you guys paying so much attention to other people's breasts?

-...? If you have time to pay attention to other people's breasts then you should use it to pay attention to your own breasts....

-Isn't that just a bra?

-So what if she wears one?

-How do you know that those are pads?

-So what..

-Huk.. She's so pretty..

-I don't think those are breast pads..

-She's so gorgeous..

-Even if she wears one, is that a problem?

-So what if those are really breast pads..

-It's up to her to wear one or not.. Stop minding her bussiness..

-So pretty..

-I think that's just a bra, though..?

-Oh.. She looks like she wears some breast pads..

-Mind your own bussiness..

-Is there any law saying that women shouldn't wear breast pads?