Saturday, August 6, 2016

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I heard this is how Umji really looks like in real life..

I captured these from a video, so it's a little bit crappy but she's so freaking pretty, tho??
She looks like the chubbier version of Son Naeun..


1. [+343][-155] She admitted that she got casted in the street.. She's pretty, it's just because some people have ridiculously high standards..

2. [+250][-117] To be honest, I didn't think she was pretty at first.. But she gets prettier the more you look at her.. She's so freaking pretty in real life, this makes me wonder why do people hate on her looks..

3. [+218][-61] Umji is pretty but she looks a little bit dull because she's kind of chubby..ㅠ I like her better with no bangs..

4. [+139][-26] Honestly, she's not that pretty.. It's just because you already get used to see her face..

5. [+75][-26] She didn't debut as a celebrity for nothing.. Try to pick some of the ugliest celebrities and compare them to some average citizens, you will see that celebrities are celebrities for some reasons..

6. [+68][-29] Yewon is pretty..<3 I started stanning GFriend because of her..

7. [+64][-20] I looked back through my internet history just to find this gif.. I didn't realize how pretty she actually is until I see this gif..

8. [+57][-31] Everyone, Umji is so freaking pretty..

9. [+38][-10] What are you guys talking about.. I went to a music show today and Umji is so freaking pretty today.. Frankly speaking, she's not stick skinny but I don't think she's chubby either.. She's just.. so cute and fresh.. I know it's their personal preferences, but I think those people who call her ugly are the ones who haven't see her in real life..

10. [+28][-12] She's not that pretty but I can't bring myself to agree that she's ugly..