Monday, August 29, 2016


BTS are giving their fans a mental breakdown after announcing a fanmeeting's date

BTS' fanclub, Army..

BTS is going to held the fanmeeting twice, on November the 11th and 12th..
And the 12th graders in Korea are going to take the SAT (수능) on November the 17th..
They're not being considerate to the 12th graders..

+)The price for the official members of the fanclub is 33,000Won, while for those who still hasn't registered to the fanclub is 55,000Won.. This is what you call happinessㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Big Hit, you're such a bad man.. #Listen_to_me_Bighit

-Ahahaha... I'm not laughing because I'm happy..

-But do they have to take that into consideration....th...ough....?
  -Fandoms are mostly consists of high school students.. I think the company needs to consider about that too..
  -Then does that mean they have to take everything into their consideration just because those 12th graders? I'm sure the company decided to hold fanmeeting on those dates carefully, they also have another schedules and stuffs..

-Please think about their feelings as well...

-Big Hit is such an amazing company for not thinking about their fans' feelings and for not taking the 12th graders into their consideration..

-9th graders have an exam on the 14th...

-Big Hit, you're such a bad man..

-Okay, let's say it that they're doing the fanmeeting after the SAT.. The students still have a lot of things to do, like preparing for job interview.. etc..

-I'm not a BTS' fan but I think it will be much much much much better if they do the fanmeeting after the SAT..

-My friend is having a major mental breakdown right now..

-They're being so cruel to the 12th graders.. It's not just an 'event' but a fanmeeting..

-They should've picked the 19th instead.. So everyone can be happy and peaceful.. Don't you think so, Big Hit?

-Big Hit, why are you treating us like this..? #Listen_To_Me_Bighit

-So cruel..