Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The most handsome male idols in my opinion

Who are the most handsome male idols in your own opinions?
It's a subjective matter, anyway I'm going to list them down here

Seventeen's Vernon!
I was really shocked when I first saw him on Show Me The Money because he's too handsome..

Exo's Lay!
I actually hesitated a little bit because everyone in Exo is really handsome.. But I picked him in the end because he looks so freshly handsome, I really like that kind of visual..

Bigbang's Gdragon!
TOP is handsome as well but something about GDragon just never fails to hypnotize me..

Winner's Kim Jinwoo!
To be honest, I don't have to explain this.. I went to their concert to follow my friend and he kept shocking me with his handsomeness..

BTS' JHope!
Everyone keeps mentioning Jin and Jungkook..? as BTS' visuals but since I really like someone who has cute feelings like this, JHope was the one who caught my eyes when I first saw BTS..

iKON's Jung Chanwoo!
I heard he played the role of younger Lee Minho in The Heirs.. I really think he's very handsome because he has such distinct features!

SHINee's Key!
Honestly.. He's the one who matches my ideal type the most in this list..<3 He looks like a hamster, he's handsome and cute at the same timeㅠㅠ

Infinite's Sungyeol!
He's so funny and he looks like he'd joke a lot.. He's really handsome in my opinion.. Their recent song is really good, I hope it will hit big soon!


1. [+228][-43] Thank you for mentioning Sungyeol here! He's really handsome but not a lot of people realizes it because L is too handsome..ㅠㅠ

2. [+204][-67] Thank you for mentioning Hope

3. [+187][-46] Vernon!<3 Hansol is so handsome..ㅠ Thanks for mentioning him~

4. [+61][-0] He's very handsome..

5. [+60][-4] Sungyeol is indeed really handsome.. He's so good-looking.. But it's too bad he's a little bit over-shadowed by Kim Myungsoo..

6. [+57][-4] Thanks! Everyone in this list are so good-looking..

7. [+52][-5] Thanks for mentioning our Yeolie~ Another good-looking friend beside Kim Myungsoo~

8. [+50][-2] Maybe it's because he's Myungsoo's friend.. He's so freaking handsome..

9. [+49][-2] Lee Sungyeol is so freaking handsome but he's being overshadowed by L..

10. [+48][-2] Vernonie