Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mom punishes her 11th grader daughter for staying outside overnight

This is my sister who's currently sitting in 11th grade, my Mom punished her because she didn't come home last night and didn't even pick up her phone at all.. 
1. I can understand her mom's feelings.
2. I can't understand her mom's feelings.

 1. She should've picked up her phone if she was going to sleep over.. What if she was fine, or got into an accident, or kidnapped if she didn't pick up her phone..
2. Just imagine her parents' feelings that night.. They must have worried about her so much, they couldn't even sleep and kept thinking of her..
3. Is she the one who uploaded this? Her mom should have hit her more..
4. But still.. Isn't this could be considered as violence? Our country's violence rate is really high..

In my opinion, her mom was being too harsh on her..


-Her daughter was wrong but this is too much.. 2ㅠㅠ

-The daughter was wrong for not picking up her phone but this is too harsh.. 2..

-1.. I know her mom was being too harsh but it's all because she didn't pick up her phone.. She deserves this..

-2.. No matter how serious is this, violence is not the answer.

-2.. It's true that the daughter was wrong but she didn't really have to beat her up until that point..

-2.. You can't even move your legs for a few days..

-I'm really against violence.. Will she change and listen to her mom's words if she gets beaten up like that?..

-If she really didn't pick up her phone then it's 1..

-2.. If I was her mom I would nag her and end it with a few words.. I would never want to scar my kids..

-She deserves that

-1.. She doesn't know what kind of world is this..

-The one who uploaded this is so pathetic and so are the people who left comments on that post..

-It's not even like we're living in Joseon Dynasty..

-Violence is still a violence no matter who does it..

-When I first saw the picture, I thought it was really harsh.. But after reading the caption, I understand her mom's feelings.. So.. 1.3..?

-I have a question for those people who choose number 1.. Will you beat up your kids if this happens to you?
  -I'm just saying that I can understand her mom's feelings.. That doesn't mean I will beat up my kids in the future..

-1.5.. Both of them did wrong..