Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Sistar releases a teaser for their upcoming comeback

-Summer is coming!!

-It's summer!!!

-Sistar for summer<3

-I'm trembling.. I think it's going to have the same feeling as 'Alone'!!

-Oh Oh Oh OH!

-Are they going to release a song that have more Korean feelings in it..? I'm looking forward to itㅠㅠ


-Oh! I hope they release a song like 'Alone'!

-I'm curious about what kind of concept will they use this time..

-They will surely do an all-kill on music charts this time~~ I'm leaving my summer to you, Sistar.

-What kind of concept are they going to use this time?!?!?

-Hul.. I'm looking forward to it.. I guess summer is coming for real now..

-It's already summer?? Time sure flies so fast!