Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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YG releases Jenny's individual teasers

-I guess YG is really debuting them this time..

-Her vibes are somewhat similar to Tzuyu's..

-She's so pretty..

-I guess they're really going to debut this time.. So freaking pretty..


-Hul.. She looks so pretty..

-Is she the one who was rumoured to be an Iljin before?
  -Yes, it's true. She's that Banana.

-So pretty..

-She looks so charming..

-It's the type of faces that Mr. Yang surely likes..

-I hope she can suit the concept well.. I'm worried about her when I saw the last picture.. What kind of experiment is YG going to do on her..

-She looks like a mixture of Seolhyun and Son Naeun..

-Seems like this group's visuals are going to be amazing..