Friday, May 13, 2016


What kind of person do you want your bias to date?

The current situation is:
Your bias is involved in a dating scandal.
The company has clarified it, and they decided not to hide the fact that they're in a relationship.

If you can pick, what kind of person do you want your bias to date in that situation?

A. A celebrity I don't really like in real life.

B. An average non-celebrity/citizen that has familar face and feelings

-Definitely 'A' !! Eventhough I have to hold back my own tears..

-I can't choose..

-Of course, A is better.. 

-A...? I can't even imagine this, though..

-Can't imagine...

-Even the thought of my bias dating is a little bit...ㅋㅋㅋHow can an Idol who's 2~3times busier than me have the time to date?

-A.. If you're going to date, then please date a good person..
 -Ah, so B is a netizen.. then, I'm going to choose B..

-It doesn't matter for me.

-Celebrities and citizens are all humans, anyway.. It doesn't matter if my bias would date an average citizen who has a nice personality.. But I think I wouldn't like it if my bias date a celebrity I don't really like..

-It's just an imagination, after all..

-I would go mad if my bias date 'A'..