Saturday, May 7, 2016

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(Unconfirmed rumours) JYP's trainees where abouts ft. Sixteen2.

Somi ('01liner)
Winner of Produce 101. She already has a big fandom so she might appear in Sixteen2 and debut with them. But since there's no point on putting her in a survival audition again, there's a probability she won't appear in Sixteen2, but still debut with the winner of Sixteen2 later. But Mnet might still put her in another survival auditon to raise the ratings.

Lilly M ('02liner)
There was some rumours that she's going to debut as solo, but looking at the conditions right now, she might also appear in Sixteen2. She has an outsanding vocal skills. Everyone thought she was going to pick YG in Kpop Star, but unexpectedly after discussing with her parents, she chose JYP. 

Eunseo ('00liner)
Everyone who came to watch the showcase said that she's really good at dancing and singing.
There's a rumour saying that she has gotten taller a lot and now she looks more feminine than she was before. She was a quiet and innocent kid in Sixteen (and then got eliminated..) Anyway she already has a fandom, so it would be an advantage for her to debut.

Hanseol ('01liner)
She's known for being Krystal look-alike. She didn't appear in Sixteen1 because her parents didn't give her the permissions to, although there was no more explanation on why her parents rejected it (They should get their parents' permission to appear in Sixteen1) This is the trainee that JYP really adores.. Vocal and Dance skills are still unknown, the reason why JYP really adores her is still unknown as well. She appeared in Park Jimin's MV.

Chaeyeon ('00 liner) and Chaeryung ('01 liner)
In charge of the dance. Because Eunseo and Natti both have outstanding dance skills, they might be unable to appear in Sixteen2. And there's a rumour.. saying that both have moved to Fantagio and are in the line up of Fantagio's upcoming girl group, iTeen (with Choi Yoojung) but it's still unconfirmed. 

Natti ('02 liner)
That Thailand kid in Sixteen1. JYP praised her a lot but she couldn't debut with Twice because of her age. A lot of people said that she has gotten prettier now. She's also one of the trainees that JYP really adores. But if she's confirmed to debut with Somi and Lilly M, then there would be too much mixed and foreigner kids in the group, so she might be unable to debut with them. But since the generation has changed a lot, she still has the possibility to debut.

Yejin ('00liner)
She sometimes look like Suzy and Nayeon depending on her make up, and in the other picture, she looks like another celebrity. But the sure thing is, a lot of people said that she's really pretty. If she's also confirmed to debut in the group, then she would be the visual along with Somi, although there's no guarantee that she would stay in JYP until the end..

Ryujin ('01liner)
Mainvocal who will turn into the visual of the group. But the group already has Lilly M, so there would be an intense competition to get the sub-vocal position.

Sukyeong ('02liner)
There are some people who said she looks pretty in real life, but other than that, her where-abouts is still unknown. She has an unique vocal color.

May/Mei?? (Assumption: >'00liner)
Still unconfirmed, she's Chinese and some people said she looks cute. There's no updates or news about this trainee.

Sakamoto Mashiro ('99liner)
Japanese, won the 2nd place in JYP audition (The 1st place is a male)
She appeared in the same audition with Yejin. Her visuals alone are outstanding, but she even got the vocal and dance skills as well. She trained in a place named Union Rookie Room Studio. She was casted in a movie, as a model, and a lot more experience.

-I like JYP but I'm really worried that they would start giving less attention to Twice if they're debuting this groupㅜㅠㅠㅠ
-There was a rumour saying that Sixteen2 would be a survival audition for male trainees though?
-And I don't think they would tell Somi to participate in three survival auditions..
-Cool... they're all very pretty and talented..
-Stop putting Somi in survival audition.. Let our Somi take some rest8ㅁ8
-They're all really young..
-I heard Chaeyeon and Chaeryung are still doing fine in JYP..
-There's no more 90s kids in this generation idol groups...
-I heard Hanseol left JYP
-It's a sin.. They're all younger than me..