Saturday, May 7, 2016

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Kai in his staffs and seniors' eyes.

Exo Songwriter's instagram:
Happy birthday to Jongin who's always down to earth, polite, cool, and hasn't changed a bit even after his debut!

Nylon Staff's instagram:
I really didn't know that Kai was this popular.. The magazines haven't been finished to edit yet a lot of people has already pre-ordered it.. Please send me one copy of it because I was the one who styled him that day. It was fun to have a photoshoot with Jongin who's good at dancing and also really has a good manner. I seriously have become a fan. #Siumom #Styling #Exo #Kai #NylonCover #Dancer #MannerMan #Swag

Nylon Editor's facebook:
We revealed this cover in advance for all of Kai's fans who have waited for the magazines to be out. The September's edition has already been released on internet, and the hard copies will be soon available on your hands, it will be out on 18th! But it can be different, depends on the area you live in, so please wait for it. #NylonSeptemberEdition #Kai #KaiCover #Nini #PleaseLookForwardToTheInterviewWithNiniWhoHasNicePersonalityAndThoughts #NylonTV We also have prepared the bts video.

This person talked to SBS Oh My Baby's writter before:
Back then, an Oh My Baby's writer came to our school, and because I was sitting the front row, she asked me if I like any celebrities.. So I answered that I like Jongin, she praised him, saying that he's a hard-working person and that he really took care of Taeoh well as if it was his own baby.. I was really proud because she said Kai is a nice kidㅋㅋ

Runningman Ji Seokjin's weibo:
You guys are handsome~ You guys are nice~ EXO Sehun Kai~

Ryeowook talked about Kai:
R: Kai is a really nice guy..
D: Is he sexy?
R: He's a really nice guy.. He may look tough and doesn't seem like a person who talks a lot but actually he really has a lot of aegyo and his personality is really nice..

 Suho talked about how Yunho takes care of Kai:
Suho revealed that he felt a little bit disappointed towards Yunho because he gave Kai a lot of attentions after their debut and because Suho still hasn't gotten the chance to have a meal together with Yunho.

The designer of Kai's school uniform twitter:
A fan mentioned him: 'I'm a student in SOPA! Thanks to you I was really happy these past 3 years'
He quoted: I'm hearing the sentence that Kai has said to me beforeㅎThank you.

Kai and Sehun once shot a program in China, and the celebrities who appeared in the same program talked about Kai on twitter:

1. 张宝文's Weibo:
Kai gave me an impression of a boy who lives next door.
He's really a fresh and bright guy, he doesn't talk much but he jokes a lot sometimes..
Also I had a really nice time shooting a program with him.
Thank you, Exo Kai.

2. Matilda Tao's SNS Converstation:
Kai is a really nice guy
Yes, Kai is a hard-working person.

It was taken during the break time in the middle of a shooting. He hugged Kai because Kai said it was cold.

Kai turned his head because he heard a fan screamed and fell down.
Manajer: Move move move
Fan: Ah!
Kai: (turns his head) Oh? Be careful~

Kai fixed the lid of trash can that his fans dropped

Kai being considerate to a rookie
Exo won the first place in Music Bank, but Kai moved aside and lowered his shoulder for the rookie that wanted to be on camera


1. [+42][-8] Just because he's a celebrity, all of good things he has said before just disappeared like that.. He even got hate for taking a breath.. I feel sorry for him.

2. [+40][-50] No you crazy bastard, it's all in the past. Kai has changed now.

3. [+25][-25] Kai, I'm rooting for you.

4. [+123][-46] It's not like all of his fans are thinking that he did that just because he's a celebrity.. And also, it's none of the fans' bussines about Kai going to a hotel.. Anyway not everybody 'does it' in the hotelㅎㅎ Just like him as a singer..

5. [+23][-7] Even a tiny bit of his private life affects the whole group.. Do you only see Kim Jongin? Can't you see the other members?

6. [+16][-1] Just let the haters hateㅋㅋㅋ Everytime I look at Kai now, the only thing that comes into my mind is that picture of him in a swimming pool.. I can't stan him like I used to before..

7. [+10][-4] I'm just.. a little bit disappointed in Jongin.. 

8. [+9][-1] No matter how many fans have left him, he's still doing fine out there. So if any of you want to quit the fandom, just quit.

9. [+7][-5] I really don't like this kind of posts

10. [+6][-0] Jongin-ah, you're still the prettiest in my eyes.

Appearantly this is a post praising Kai after that pictures of him in swimming pool revealed.. The OP shields him saying that he's a nice kid by giving a lot of proofs like that. This was posted on April 24th. And also I didn't really want to translate hate comments so I only translated the ones that still hasn't crossed the lines, in my opinion. Please note that there are a lot of curse words in the original posts.