Thursday, May 19, 2016

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Twice's student ID Card Pictures

(more pictures in the link)

-Whoa.. Tzuyu is really pretty..

-Look at Dahyun's skin in the picture..ㄷㄷI thought it was a neon lamp..

-The fact that Tzuyu is a '99liner is unbelievable..

-Dahyun is the prettiest when she smiles..

-Teacher.. I love you.. (The teacher posted this on her ig)

-But is it fine to upload student ID card pictures on internet?
  -Well, didn't she upload this because they are celebrities?

-Chaeyoung looks pretty with long hairㅠㅠ

-Pretty people are pretty even in their ID Card Pictures..

-Is it possible for Tzuyu to attend a school in Korea?

-Dahyun is really cuteㅠㅠ

-But Hanlim teachers are a little bit...Yeri's teacher also uploaded her ID Card Picture..

-Ah.. they go to the same school