Sunday, May 1, 2016

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The real version of 200 pounds of Beauty

An article talks about a member of rookie group who went through the rough way to make her dream as a celebrity come true. Right now, she is known for her perfect visual, flawless vigure, and even outstanding vocal skills. But actually she was just an average fat, and ugly student. Being a celebrity has always been her dream since young age, she tried so many auditions but always got rejected. So she decided to go through the dark and rough way to be a celebrity, because she was too desperate. At first, she wasn't really popular amoung the guests. But because of her charms, she eventually got popular and asked if she can meet 'B' producer. 'B' Producer told her to fix at least her face then come to see him again. After getting a whole body surgery (including abs surgery etc) she finally met 'B' producer again, she changed so much that 'B' producer didn't even know that he has met her before. 


1. [+225][-30] If you look up her name in searching engine, you can't find her pre-debut pictures, graduation pictures, even her friends' comments at all. So a lot of people asked if she was from North Korea as a jokeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But now that I read this, I'm getting goosebumps.

2. [+148][-55] Why aren't some of their friends or people around her comment on her articles..? Kim Yongsun isn't an average name, and I'm sure they must know her voice, so they must be able to recognize her on TV right..

3. [+115][-4] I'm a non-fan but you don't even have any proofs that it's ㅅㄹ (initial: SL) and if it turns out that it's not her, you guys would just say 'Ah sorry, we predicted the wrong person' and wouldn't think of the scars that she got right?

4. [+94][-17] If she received plastic surgery before, would she be able to make various expressions on stage like she usually does? 

5. [+82][-13] It will be shocking if it's really her.

6. [+75][-9] Everyone, please think before you comment. It's not a polite thing to accuse her false things without any proofs. Please refrain the comments asking why aren't her friends commenting on her articles, why are there no pre debut pictures, etc. It hurts the person you accuse and also her fans.

7. [+58][-6] She's popular for having no pre-debut pictures.. Isn't this article talking about her/

8. [+43[-26] It's not Solar. I attended the same middle-school with her. The only thing that's different from her now is that she used to wear glasses before and she doesn't anymore right now. So please refrain the hate comments.

9. [+29][-37] This is her predebut pictures.

10. [+27][-2] Isn't it fascinating.. She might have an outcast during her school days.

11. [+28][-1] Then what about this picture? Isn't this also her predebut picture?
12. [+13][-14] But why are you guys watching this program? They just telling us the fictions they wrote on their own..

13. [+21][-3] Because of this program, Solar is currently the most searched keyword in searching engines. Please stop this.. It's not her.

14. [+21][-1] Look at these people. They labeled Mamamoo as a group with no visual, and now they're calling her as 'perfect visual' ᄏᅠᄏᅠᄏᅠᄏᅠᄏᅠᄏᅠ You just hate the fact that Mamamoo's is getting some popularity.

15. [+18][-2] It's not a right thing to go around spreading false rumour without any proofs.