Sunday, May 22, 2016

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The original concept that Seventeen was going to debut with

As you can see, they were planned to debut with this concept..
But the agency changed it in the last secondㄷㄷ

-Their current concept is prettier..

-They made a nice decision..

-It's a relief they changed it in the last second.. I really think their concept right now is the prettiest..!

-It's a relief...

-Jeonghan looks like a goddess of darkness.. or something like that..

-Don't tell me the first picture is Jeonghan..........
  -It's him..ㅎ
  -Thank you for the information! He's still good-looking, though..

-This video is one of the videos that I will never see again in my lifetime..

-Suga..? He looks like Suga..

-I still can't forget avatar-Soonyoung..

-Jihoon-ah.. what are those..

-Pledis.. Thank you for making the right decision..

-This is the only right thing that Pledis have done so far..