Tuesday, May 17, 2016

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Jeon Wonwoo's younger brother is a model

He attends Hanlim Multi Art School in Fashion Model Major, his name is Jeon Bohyuk.
He's currently starting his career as a model right now.

-Ah.. Jeonbuk.. (means abalone, which is his nickname. Wonwoo mentioned it on OFD)

-Jeon Bohyuk!! What a pretty name..
-That's why his nickname is abalone..

-I knew he has a younger brother but I didn't know that his brother is a model..

-So he's starting his career as a model now..? He really looks like Wonwoo when he wears his uniform..

-Wonwoo said in an interview that his brother is so much taller than him........

-I really envy their mother... One of her son is an Idol and the other one is a model..

-So handsome..

-They really look similar..

-Does anybody know his height?ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  -One thing I'm sure is that he's so much taller than Wonwoo!!

-But he somewhat looks like Hoshi..

-Ah, Mr. Abalone!!

-Is he a year younger than Wonwoo?
 -No, he's two years younger than Wonwoo!