Monday, May 30, 2016

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Fans suspect that Hoshi and Raina are dating

Raina liked three tweets on Twitter, and they're all about Hoshi, but then unliked it all later.

A fan saw them in an Udon Restaurant at dawn, the picture shows Hoshi and Raina were having a talk while facing each other.

They wore the same clothes in different day


-I will be super shocked if this is true.. But it doesn't seem like it is true..

-The word 'dating' doesn't suit Soonyoung at allㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'm sure this is just a false rumour.

-I trust you, Kwon Soonyoung!

-These are the things that could happen between colleagues relationship.. I don't think this is true..

-Pardon? Hoshi is currently dating me right now.

-(shakes head)

-I also have the same hoodie!! Woohoo!! Please release his dating rumour with me!!
  -(username: Lee Chan's Wife) I don't think this is a right thing to do..
  -I don't think your username is a right thing as well...
  -It is true, though?

-Ah.. I'm craving for Udon right now..

-Where can I buy that hoodie? It's so pretty..

-It can be true, though..

-Who would trust this kind of articles?