Wednesday, May 18, 2016


A pretty woman who turned into a 'hulk'

1. [+675][-37] Isn't that just a man crossdressing as a woman?

2. [+615][-13] I watched her on TV and I really thought she was just a pretty man wearing long wigㅠㅠ Amazing..

3. [+71][-4] To be honest, she doesn't look pretty or healthy.. It's just.. burdensome..

4. [+57][-2] That's not right..

5. [+45][-1] She should've just stayed like thatㅠㅠ

6. [+34][-3] Hy...Hyung..?

7. [+26][-3] Does she even know what she's doing.. At least she's satisfied with the way she looks right now..

8. [+20][-3] I have nothing else to say...

9. [+17][-1] You should behave like a woman if you're a woman..

10. [+14][-0] Looks like she put a lot of effort to make her body looks like that..