Sunday, April 17, 2016

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A kind idol who replies texts from Sewol victim's parent.

Sender (Dad): My baby, have you been well?
Sender (Dad): I'm sorry things turned this way because I have a lot of sin.. I'm sorry,
              please forgive me, my baby.
              Because of my baby, we just let Hooni's birthday go without doing anything, 
              I feel sorry for Hooni too..
              Your dad is getting old and going to die soon, you can't forget me, okay?
              Baby, how is your grandmother doing? What did she say to you?
              This world without you.. How should I say it.. Please reply to me, baby. I love you.
              You know that I really love you, right?
              Don't forget to eat your meals properly, and get along with your friends.
              Then, let's meet again soon.
Sender (Dad): Have you eaten your dinner, my baby who has became a star in the sky?
My love xxx: I've been well. You have to be happy, too. And I'm really okay here, 
                       so please stay healthy and come to me slowly!
                       I love you<3
Sender (Dad): (Shocked)
Sender (Dad): Now I get it, you're using our baby's phone number, right?
                         The previous owner of this number is a victim of Sewol accident, thank you for
                         understanding me and didn't get offended.
                         0524 is our baby's birthday, that's why she picked this number..
                         I don't know where you are, but please use this number for a long time.
                         Thank you<3
My love xxx: I see, 0524 also has a special meaning to me, and there was no other option. 
                       That's why I pick this number.
                       I don't feel offended, so everytime you think of your daughter, you can send message
                       to this number.
My love xxx: Also, I hope you'll spend this year healthily<3
Sender (Dad): You're really a person with a warm heart. My child was a nice kid as well..
                         I'm sure she must be happy up there.
My love xxx: Just think that your child gave her number to me, I will use it for a long time and 
                       remember your child for a long time too.
                       And I'm really fine if you send me everything you want to say to your daughter!
Sender (Dad): Yes, thank you. I really really thank you. Have a nice day(^_^)

This is the profile picture
This is VIXX N's nephew, Lee Eum.

It doesn't look like a starlight.
VIXX's debut was on 0524, so it must be N, eventhough i'm not so sure..


1. [+14][-0] It's a starlight, not N, that's why she put N as her profile picture and said 0524 has a special meaning to her. I'm really touched while reading thatㅠㅠㅠㅠ No matter who is it, she really has a nice heartㅠㅠㅠㅠ❤️ 

2. [+7][-0] I heard it's a VIXX's fan, not N.

3. [+6][-1] I'm the one who uploaded this to twitter, I said I think it's N but I never said it was N! But i'm sure her profile picture was N! It might be a starlight or N~~

4. [+5][-0] This is a starlight, not N. I saw this post last year.

5. [+4][-1] That was N..? If it's really N then I'm really amazed.. Hakyeon-ah..

6. [+1][-0] I don't care if it's N or a starlight, but that person is really kind.