Thursday, June 28, 2018

I'll tell you the slangs that American kids often use, click this post

Hi! I’m currently sitting in 9th grade which equals to the third year of junior high school in South Korea.
I’ve been on Pann for several years and from what I observed, you guys are really interested about the life of students who study abroad in The Statesㅎㅎ There are a lot of posts about studying abroad but not about slangs that we use here in The States, so I’m thinking about writing oneㅎㅎ Please just take it as a joke to keep you guys entertained, just leave questions in the comment sections if you have any!!

1. Lit
Lit is one of the words that’s commonly used in The States. For example, I just bought some new pants. 

Friend: OMGGG I love ur new jeans! They are sooo pretty
Me: I know right? These are lit

2. Salty
Guys, this salty doesn’t literally mean ‘salty’!! If you’re in The States and someone tells you that you’re salty, it means that you’re salty (can’t find the other words for it lmao) and it’s kinda rude!

Friend: hey, you were salty yesterday
Me: srry I was on my lady thing

3. Extra
This word is used when someone is over exaggerating or when someone takes things too far. For an example, I get invited to a casual party in which people just uses pants or maybe skirts. And yet I’m going to the party in a princess-ish dress. 

Friend: why are you wearing a dress?
Me: do you have a problem?
Friend: youre so extra

Another example

Friend: what time is it rn (right now)?
Me:  it’s 12:45:0.087 in the morning
Friend: youre so extra

4. Lowkey, highkey
I’m going straight to the example for these words!

Friend: how was ur day?
Me: I was lowkey dying durinf the class
Friend: O

Friend: I cut my hair! Do you like it?
Me: no its highkey rlly bad

Ok, this is all I have prepared!! I’ll come back with tips on facing racists if this post gets good responses.. I’ve experienced a really bad thing but I overcame it well!! Eventhough it’s still giving me hard timeㅎㅎ.. But I’m fine. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and have a good day!!


1. [+110][-2] This is such a fun postㅋㅋㅋㅋEspecially because the OP also puts examples for every words. Please make another post like this!

2. [+80][-3] I’m a student who’s going to enter 11th grade this September. Will you guys be interested if I upload a post about the slangs that high school students in America often use? There’s not much difference, but there are some words that the OP didn’t put here. Because the slangs that junior high and high school students are quite different.

3. [+74][-2] Once you live in The States, you’ll develop a habit of praising other people like, ‘Your hair looks so~~~ pretty’ ‘OMG your outfit looks so cute’. I bet those who study abroad in The States can relate to this, am I right? And also the habit of smiling everytime making an eye contactㅋㅋㅋ But then change their expression right away when they turn their faces away. I couldn’t get used to these at first.

4. [+22][-0] You sound like a real native, I’m so jealous of you. You can only say things like these once you get familiar with it. No matter how good your English is, it’s just different with people who are actually familiar with such converstations.

5. [+14][-0] Please think carefully before deciding to study abroad, guys.. I had a hard time at first, you’ll face discriminations here. Especially if your English is not so good, people will look down on youㅜ But if you only get along with the Koreans, your English will never improve and you’ll just waste your money. You need to get along with the foreigners, and without knowing it your English will improve!!