Saturday, May 19, 2018


Those who have acne-prone skin, come and check this post out

Exfoliating and cleansing make up is very important for acne-prone skin, and also.. (Yes, I'm a man and I do make up)

Pimple pad/Witch Hazel Toner/ Tea Tree Oil Spot / Moisturizing Cream (anything that's mild)

Just do this routine and I can guarantee half of your pimples will be gonee. 

If you don't have money, just buy at least pimple pad and moisturizer.. (It's actually not good to apply too much skin care)

Here's my before-after pictureㅋㅋ

Sidmool Goodspot Cream works really well to remove the pimple and also the scar
Usually when you use a cream to remove the pimple, it would irritate your skin and even gets you more pimple. But not with this cream, it works really well on removing not only the scar but also the pimple.


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Hul.. Thanks, and by the way.. You're handsome.
글쓴 |2018.05.19 00:17 신고하기
I'll add some cleansing tips here, upvote this comment so that people can see it! First of all, I usually wash my face using Bioderma Cleansing Water (The Face Shop's Rice Water Bright is also nice), and then I would wash my face again using bubble maker (The foam would go through your pores and removes whiteheads) and low-acid cleanser (I'm using Round Around Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam), and rolling for 40 to 50 secs..? (Don't do it for too long) and wash the foam off with a sponge (I use the one from Olive Young) and rinse my face off with water for 10 times. It helps a lot!
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You look like someone who knows how to style yourself, you must be really popular..
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Pimple pad.. Moisturizing cream.. Please don't delete this post, thank you so much!
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It looks like you were born again as a whole new person..

(NB: Use Nature Republic's Aloe Vera soothing gel, guys! It works a lot. I've been using it for the past months and people keep telling me that my skin has gotten so much brighter and also nicer. It also removes the scars and acne-spots too. But yes, it doesn't work on everyone, sadly:( There are some friends of mine whose skin condition gets worse after using the product, don't know if it's because the quality or it's just because of her skin type, though.
And has anyone tried Dr. Belmeur's products? )