Thursday, April 26, 2018


The trashiest Music Video in the Kpop industry ever

아이돌 역사상 뮤비 중에 가장 쓰레기인 뮤비 | 인스티즈
Q: Girl group Stellar
Aren't they a flop group?

아이돌 역사상 뮤비 중에 가장 쓰레기인 뮤비 | 인스티즈
re: Of course.. They're the group who only wears stocking on stageㅋㅋㅋㅋ

아이돌 역사상 뮤비 중에 가장 쓰레기인 뮤비 | 인스티즈
re: Geolle-group (The spelling is almost similar to girl/geol group, Geolle means: slut, whore)

아이돌 역사상 뮤비 중에 가장 쓰레기인 뮤비 | 인스티즈
아이돌 역사상 뮤비 중에 가장 쓰레기인 뮤비 | 인스티즈
There's this part in the MV where the members got sad after looking up for their group on the searching engines just to find hate comments like stated above. What's more shocking is the fact that this is an official MV that their company released.


-Oh Gosh.. That's the only words I can say after reading the whole post..

-Seems like their company is not on their right state of mind..

-I mean.. What the heck, they're so thoughtless..

-Hul.. What kind of a company would do this to their artists..? The members must've been really hurt because of this..ㅠㅠ

-What on earth are they doing..?

-Hul.. Is this real..?

-Hul.. I bet the girls weren't even acting, they must be really sad.. like for real.. when they had to shoot for this scene..

-What on the earth was their company thinking while producing this MV??

-?? The members must've been hurt so much because of it..

-What..?? So you're saying that this is not edited but it's actually an official MV that was released by their company?? Whoa.. They have totally crossed the lines..

-Hul.. That's so mean..

-Was it really necessary for them to attach such things on their official MV..?

-Is this one of their noise marketing..? I feel bad for the members..ㅠㅠ

-Why would they do that..

-Oh Gosh.. I'm really upset just by reading this post..

-???? This is an official MV..??

-Someone, please tell me that this is just a lie.. It makes no sense, I don't want to believe it..