Tuesday, March 6, 2018

presenting @theuglyshop!

Hello guys, mind me for a random (shameless) advertising post but
I’m here to inform that we’re opening an online shop, @theuglyshop

What do we sell?
For now, we’re selling unofficial merchs (mostly BT12) such as 
custom phone cases (available for various type of phones), tote bag, pouch, badges/pins(comes up in various sizes), phone straps, stickers, lanyards etc.

Price range?
Starting from 10,000IDR. Don’t worry, we don’t sell anything over 150,000IDR (for unofficial merchs)

How about the system?
We’re currently opening our first PO batch ever. It would take around 1~2 weeks for us to do the custom phone case, tote bag, and pouch.

Where to see the catalogue?
and in the profile you can see a link which leads you to our LINE@ if you have any further questions regarding to the products.

Do we ship worldwide?
For now, we don't. But we might start a worldwide shipping soon if any of you are interested!