Monday, January 1, 2018

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Seeing Sunmi, Yeri, and Irene right in front of your nose


-Sunmi's legs..

-Whoa, Sunmi doesn't have fat at all on her legs..

-I wonder who was the person next to Sunmi, the one who wore vinyl outfit..

-Are Sunmi's legs real??? That's crazy..

-Look at the fat on Yeri's cheeksㅋㅋㅋShe's such a baby, no doubt.. Irene and Sunmi look so beautiful..

-I mean.. They still look very gorgeous even when the pictures were taken from that angle..

-Yeri's eyes are so big, and Irene's skin is so pale.. So pretty..

-Sunmi's dress is seriously too short..

-Irene's hands are so small, they look so cute..

-Why do Yeri's eyes look swollen..?

-Seems like Yeri cried a little bit that day.. Her eyes were swollen..

-Irene's nose line and the size of Yeri's eyes.. They're driving me crazy..

-Irene is so freaking pretty..

-I can only see Sunmi's legs..

-It's kinda shocking because their outfits were too short..

-Sunmi's legs are crazy.. They look like doll's legs..

-Yeri is so freaking cute..

-Look at the way Sunmi smiles, she's so cute..