Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The best things about South Korea that Koreans don't realize

1. You can buy alcoholic drinks in anywhere
Most of countries in this world don't sell alcoholic drinks in convenience stores like South Korea does. They need to buy it directly from the liquor stores.

2. You can drink alcohol in anywhere you want
In other countries, it is prohibited to drink alcohol in public space, you will need to pay a fine if you do. They usually drink in pub or just buy the alcohol from the liquor stores if you want to drink it at home. On top of that, you will always be asked to show your ID card to enter pub or liquor stores, no matter how old you look.

3. It is safe to walk around at late night
There are a lot of stores that close around 5~6PM in other countries, except for pubs or night clubs. And since it's dangerous, the people there rarely go out at night.

4. You're allowed to bring and drink beverages in the train or any other public transportation
South Korea still doesn't have any rule that prohibit people from bringing and drinking beverage in the public transportation, unlike England, Hongkong, Singapore and some other countries. You will need to pay a fine if you do. And you can't even drink anything besides water inside cars in those countries.

5. You can order various type of food by delivery, and there are no such thing as tip or delivery fees.
In other countries, you have to pay for the delivery fees or tip if you order food by delivery but there's no such thing in South Korea~

-And the internet is really fast here~

-I hate it when people drink alcohol in public space..ㅠㅠㅠ They're really noisy..

-I hope the government would make rules for #2 and #4..

-Yup.. And there are toilets in every subway stops, which is just the best..

-Looking at this post makes me realize how a nice country is South Korea to live in..

-Why are #1 and #2 considered as the best things..? They're literally the worst thing ever..

-The picture you use for #4 is taken in Japan, though..

-#5 is literally the best thing ever.. It's very comfortable!

-Another one, you can save tables by leaving your laptop, wallet, bag, etc without having to worry about losing it..

-#1 and #2 are the biggest source of problems in this country..

-Nothing can beat #3, it's the best thing ever..

-Our country has the best delivery service ever.. You can order food and it will be delivered to your house in just 30 seconds..

-Can't relate to #3, though..

-It doesn't matter to me since I'm not a fan of alcohol..