Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Let's play an upvote/downvote game based on your ideal type

Start off from me.
Upvote if you prefer men with monolids
Downvote if you prefer men with double eyelids.


1. [+909][-184] Men with their hair down vs men with their hair up

2. [+903][-159] Do you prefer to have a man who can cook for you vs a man who enjoys the food you cook

3. [+682][-235] Men with pale skin vs men with tanned skin

4. [+429][-73] Men who know how to flatter you vs men doesn't know anything about being in relationship

5. [+415][-40] Men with deep and low voice vs men with bright and high-pitched voice

6. [+374][-52] Lose in the morning, win at night (refers to a person who's active at night) vs Lose in the night, win tat morning (refers to a person who's active in the morning)

7. [+367][-44] Men who call you vs men who text you

8. [+351][-23] Men with good fashion sense vs men who's interested in beauty (make up)

9. [+322][-91] Men who are good at singing vs dancing

10. [+309][-174] Men who are straightforwardly sweet vs Tsundere