Sunday, August 6, 2017

Idols who are good at both singing and dancing

Please tell me some idols who are good at both singing and dancing..
Or idols who are good at both rap and dancing!


1. [+51][-6] Ah, so you're talking about Seventeen's Hoshi.. As the leader of the performance team, he personally makes the choreography for Seventeen by himself, not to mention that his voice is just.. *speechless*

2. [+45][-7] The main character of this post is Seventeen's Hoshi.. I don't think I need to explain about his dancing skills, it's really great, not to mention that he even creates choreography for Seventeen.. Not a lot of people acknowledge his singing skills, though. Little did you know, he was in the vocal team before Seventeen debuted, but he chose to be in the performance team instead. He has a huge passion in both singing and dancing.. He always works hard.. He knows how to enjoy and have fun on stage. He's very happy with what he's doing. I can't stop bragging about my baby..

3. [+45][-5] Just type 'Kwon Sujang-nim' in Youtube's searching bar..

4. [+30][-2] Jungkook..

5. [+28][-2] Seventeen's Hoshi..

6. [+25][-4] You mean Soonyoung?

7. [+25][-3] This post is dedicated for Kwon Soonyoung..

8. [+25][-4] The name is Jungkook, the scale is world wide.. He's also quite good when it comes to rap..

9. [+22][-0] That's totally Jeon Jungkook.. He's the main vocal of the group, but he's also good at rap, and has a very great dancing skills.. Not to mention that he has an excellent physical figure..ㅜㅜ

10. [+21][-2] The top when it comes to rap and dancing..