Sunday, August 6, 2017


Let's play upvote/downvote games based on your taste in men!

I'll go first.
Upvote if you prefer sexy guys, downvote if you prefer cute guys!


1. [+654][-76] Men with deep, low voice vs men with high pitched voice

2. [+555][-144] Men who are older than you vs men who are younger than you

3. [+474][-171] Men with monolids vs men with double eyelids

4. [+297][-34] Men who sings duet and ballad songs whenever they go to a karaoke vs men who rap or choose hip hop songs

5. [+284][-11] Men with sharp nose, but small eyes vs men with large eyes, but flat nose

6. [+267][-63] Height vs shoulders

7. [+232][-26] Men who can lead you vs men who you can lead

8. [+231][-79] Men who are good at singing vs good at dancing

9. [+212][-46] Sexiness vs cuteness

10. [+197][-36] Men who look fierce vs men who look innocent