Saturday, July 15, 2017

The reason why SM's choreographies are getting boring lately

The synchronized gestures that help the point choreography to look outstanding is gone..

Back then, the choreographies of SM's groups were really easy to follow. The structure and also the synchronization of the members were really cool to look at. But those points are no longer can be seen in their choreographies lately..


1. [+139][-21] I think it's because SM has been working with choreographers from overseas lately.. The synchronized part is still there, but it has become more artistic and difficult for commoners to follow..

2. [+128][-21] I really like Tony Testa, I really admire him.. Synchronized choreographies are indeed very cool, but since it becomes a trend among idol groups nowadays, SM is trying something new.. As you can see in Sherlock, Wolf, Cherry Bomb, etc.. You know that Tony Testa used to work with Michael Jackson, don't you? I'm a big fan of Michael Jackson and that's probably why I really like Tony Testa! For me, I like SM's recent choreographies.. so much!

3. [+126][-22] I personally think SM is the best when it comes to choreography, since they always come up with something new and unique.. I remember screaming out loud out of admiration when I first saw this choreography..

4. [+74][-15] I think The 7th Sense and Firetruck deserve to receive The Best Performance Awards.. The 7th Sense is a really unique song with a really artistic choreography, and Firetruck choreography has the combination of synchronization and tumbling. There are a lot of parts where the members have to fly around in the choreography.

5. [+63][-13] It's really artistic