Saturday, July 15, 2017


The girl group who gets a standing ovation from fans for changing their stylists

Fans are cheering for the change in Red Velvet's fashion style

코디 바뀌어서 팬들 사이에서 '기립박수' 나온다는 걸그룹 | 인스티즈
코디 바뀌어서 팬들 사이에서 '기립박수' 나온다는 걸그룹 | 인스티즈
코디 바뀌어서 팬들 사이에서 '기립박수' 나온다는 걸그룹 | 인스티즈
코디 바뀌어서 팬들 사이에서 '기립박수' 나온다는 걸그룹 | 인스티즈

Red Velvet's previous stylists used to get criticized a lot by fans for the bad stage outfits. 

코디 바뀌어서 팬들 사이에서 '기립박수' 나온다는 걸그룹 | 인스티즈
코디 바뀌어서 팬들 사이에서 '기립박수' 나온다는 걸그룹 | 인스티즈
Red Velvet just released their new song, Red Flavor, on the 9th and is currently doing promotions with their new song. Their new stylists get so much praises from fans for giving the stage outfits that suit each members individuality and charm. Fans also state that Red Velvet is currently living their glorious days.

-No wonder why their stage outfits look really pretty this time..

-I really like their new style..ㅠㅠ SM, please let NCT change their stylists as wellㅠㅠ

-Yup, the next group to change their stylists is NCT..

-The one they wore for Music Bank are really pretty..ㅠㅠ

-Now it's NCT's turn to change their stylists!! I really like Red Velvet's stage outfits for this eraㅠㅠ

-No wonder why their stage outfits suddenly become very beautiful lately.. SM is working hardㅠㅠ

-I will shower Red Velvet's new stylists with a lot of praises and love..

-Hul.. Wendy is beautiful..

-I heard their new stylists used to work with Exo..ㅋㅋㅋ Kim Yejin..

-Their new style somehow reminds me of Fx..

-See..? They can look beautiful with simple clothes, I wonder why did they have to choose fancy and the worst clothes for them back then..

-I'm so jealous of them..ㅠㅠ Please let NCT change their stylists too..

-Phew.. I noticed the girls always looked uncomfortable because of how short their outfits were.. It's such a relief that they changed their stylists..

-The new style goes really well with the song.. It's really pretty!

-I'm happy that they got a new stylists, but I also noticed that they're wearing the same thing more than once..

-Whoa.. Congratulations!!

-The outfits are really pretty, and so are the earrings!! The earrings are really unique..