Thursday, June 1, 2017


What are the things that you've realized in life so far?

Hi guys. I was doing my homework and suddenly felt really emotional so I decided to write this postㅎㅎ What are the things that you've realized so far?

For me:
There's a farewell in every meeting.
There's a separation coming up every time you fall in love.
There's an end for everything.

These three things.. There are some more but I just can't remember itㅎㅎ
If you have anything like this, please write on the comment section before you leave the page.

I wish all the best for you guys.
You've worked really hard today.


1. [+706][-10] It's impossible to be liked by everybody

2. [+566][-20] People don't really care about what I do

3. [+534][-4] Sometimes it's the best to shut your mouth and open up your ears

4. [+324][-6] Never show your weakness to anybody, no matter how close you are to them.

5. [+302][-1] People don't change easily

6. [+270][-2] There's no need to continue the relationships that brings you loss

7. [+241][-13] Sometimes everything or everyone that I love can make me shed a tear

8. [+235][-2] We will be seen as 'easy' if we're being too nice to other people

9. [+214][-1] If your grandmother says you're fat it means that you're really fat

10. [+167][-5] If you brag about your happiness, it will be the cause of jealousy. If you brag about your sadness, it will be the cause of your weakness.