Saturday, June 10, 2017

[Warning: There's a spider picture] Which one do you prefer: eat a spider and own a building or just live your life

(a random 'spider' picture so that the real spider picture won't be shown in the thumbnail lol)

거미 한마리 씹어먹고 강남 건물주 되기 vs 그냥 이대로 살기 (사진주의) | 인스티즈
You need to eat this spider alive in order to become an owner of a building in Gangnam.
You're not allowed to cook it first, this spider is not poisonous at all.

-11.. I'm going to eat that..

-I have to pretend that I'm crazy and eat it alive.. Whoa, but that's a bad idea..

-I'll ask for the spider's opinion first..

-Nope.. I'm just going to live my ordinary life..

-I'll close my eyes and eat it for real..

-No.. I like my ordinary life better..

-11.. Because you know what? The OP didn't state about the size of the spider, we can eat the small spiders instead!


-Can I chop it up and drink it instead..?