Saturday, June 10, 2017

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Lai Guan Lin shot a movie yesterday

Lai Guan Lin shot a movie yesterday.. Is this the real lifeㅠㅠㅠ

He slightly showed his basketball skills during the sports festival yesterday
I suddenly forgot that he was shooting a survival program, I thought he was shooting for a movie..ㅠㅠㅠ

From the ball, his face, and even the sun ray are all really perfect..

I heard he used to be a basketball team's leader, it's so cool..ㅠㅠㅠ
Am I the only one who hears the bgm from the gif, or am I just being delusional?

I can't send Guan Lin away like this..ㅠㅠ Please vote for himㅠㅠ


1. [+118][-0] Look at his gaze when he throws the wall, whoa.. He looks like a star in anime movie..

2. [+104][-1] Is he really a person, or just a character in mangas? It would be a disaster if he doesn't debut, he needs to debut..

3. [+83][-0] Guan Lin-ah...

4. [+32][-0] Guan Lin-ah, you're so handsome and cute at the same time..

5. [+30][-1] Let's not give up and help him to survive! Both of Cube's trainees are improving a lot, but why...ㅠ

6. [+28][-0] It's so heart-breaking to see his eyes panicking like thisㅠㅠ Please vote for him so that he can debut..

7. [+22][-0] It really looks like a Chinese movie..

8. [+21][-1] I still can't believe his rank.. It's just, really hard to believe.. Please vote for him, every votes mean a lot to him!!! He might not be able to debut at this rate, please save him!!

9. [+20][-1] Seonho too..

10. [+19][-1] Please vote for Guan Lin..ㅠㅠ Every votes mean a lot to him, I really want to see this visual on TV for a really really long time..