Friday, June 16, 2017

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The venue of Produce 101 finale

I'm so nervous now that these pictures surfaced online, f*ck..
I think I might throw up at this rate..


-That's my baby's seat over there..

-Whoa.. F*ck.. I'm so f*cking nervous right now..

-Jinyoung-ah, go and sit on the blue couch.. Please..

-Even me, the viewer, is feeling so nervous right now.. Just imagine how nervous are the boys are..

-This is crazy.. I'm so scared..

-Guan Lin-ah, sit on the blue couch..

-My heart aches to see these pictures.. Damn..

-Seonho-ya, let's debut..

-I'm so freaking nervous right now, how could I watch the show.. Please debut..

-11 trainees are just not enough.. Just change the total debuting members to 20, we won't complain..

-Whoa.. That's so f*cking close to the audience..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Ah f*ck my stomach hurts..

-That's the venue that's going to be the sea of tears in a few hours later..

-I think all of the trainees are going to cry today..

-I want to die.. Whoa..

-I'm already tearing up right now..

-Ah.. I think my heart is going to explode at this rate..

-Whoa.. Once you stand there it means you're locked for the next 3 hours..