Monday, April 17, 2017

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This guys stays in class A twice in a row but he only ranks at #75

He's 19 years old. He's good at rapping and dancing, he also knows how to make choreographies really well. And this guy went from class A to class A again. He looked like he has bad sense in music, if you see the show, but he's improving a lotㅜㅜ Please vote for Brand New Music's Park Woojin. I have a feeling he's going to be eliminated after the first round since he only ranks at #75ㅠㅠ


1. [+117][-4] I think Produce 101 should give the air time according to their classes, that would be fair because that way, the one with talents will get known for their talentsㅜㅜ A:B:C:D:E:F = 5:4:3:2:1, I think they should share the air time that way.

2. [+64][-4] I seriously don't get the point of dividing the trainees into classes like that.. If they're in class A, but they're not doing good at the rankings, they would be just eliminated right away.. This might make them lose confidence because they know people will choose the ones from class F anyway..

3. [+28][-5] Park Woojin, he was born on 1999 and he's 19 years old now. He made his own choreography for his evaluation performance. He's good at both singing and dancing. He also uses dialect..ㅠㅠ Why are there a lot of people who don't know him, seriously..

4. [+24][-0] Brand New Music is too focused on Lee Daehwi..

5. [+16][-0] If they're going to do the show this way, they should've called it Produce30 instead of Produce101.. What did the other kids do wrong to you? They always give a lot of air time to the same kids every weeks..

6. [+13][-8] What plagiarism are you talking about? Have you even watched his performance?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Everyone can just accuse people of plagiarism like it's nothing, these days..

7. [+13][-0] Oh yeah, he's really handsomeㅠㅠ I'm really upset because Mnet gives a lot of air time for kids in class F, they barely give the kids in class A any air times..

8. [+12][-3] I seriously don't see the 'plagiarism' part though?? There are a lot of people who accused him plagiarising Got7's Hardcarry, so I watched it but I just don't see it..

9. [+7][-0] He's my senior at school.. He's really kind, scratch that.. He's not only kind, but he's also really really coolㅠㅠ Please vote for Brand New Music's Park Woojin..

10. [+7][-2] Woo Jinyoung is also in class A, but he only ranks at #50.. Please vote for Jinyoung tooㅠㅠ