Friday, April 14, 2017


The Instagram account of Park Yoochun's fiancé, Hwang Hana

-She looks beautiful..

-Congratulations on your wedding!

-Why are people uploading posts like this? She's just an ordinary person, not a celebrity.

-Isn't this considered as intruding someone's privacy life? Her instagram account is private, you can't see her posts unless she allows you to follow her.

-I thought it was just a rumour?

-Are they really going to get married?

-They both look similar.. Hwang Hana and Park Yoochun..

-Whoa.. I'm really jealous of her, she's not only beautiful but she's also rich..

-Oppa, be happy..

-Ooh, does she run a shopping mall business?

-Well, anyway her instagram account is private and sharing her posts like this means that you're intruding her privacy life

-She changed her username.. Can someone tell me her new username?

-Whoa.. She's really gorgeous..

-I think I've seen her somewhere.. Is she a famous blogger?

-Whoa.. Her eyes are really big..

-How old is she?
  -Three years older than Park Yoochun

-I heard she's close to some members of FT Island and CNBlue, she's really beautiful..

-Goodbye, Yoochun-ah.. I'm okay as long as you're happy..

-It must be really nice to be rich..