Saturday, April 15, 2017

Beauty youtuber who did a cosplay makeup of the victim of United Airlines

유나이티드 항공 피해자를 메이크업한 美 유투버 | 인스티즈
유나이티드 항공 피해자를 메이크업한 美 유투버 | 인스티즈
유나이티드 항공 피해자를 메이크업한 美 유투버 | 인스티즈

Just imagine if she was the one who get beaten up, wouldn't she feel offended when someone else does this to her? I just don't get it.. There are a lot of empty-heads in this world..

-Whoa.. This is the real definition of empty head..

-She's so ignorant..

-Whoa.. This is just so wrong..

-She makes fun of him without thinking of his feelings at all.. That's just so stupid..

-Such a waste of talent.. Maybe she will only get back to her right mind once she gets beaten up the same way the man did, and that fake blood turns into real blood of hers..

-That's so cruel..

-Looks like she already deleted the video from her channel.. How does a person like her even have almost 2 million followers, anyway?


-Whoa.. Maybe she doesn't have brain..

-She feels like it's nothing because it didn't happen to her.. I bet she wouldn't even be able to do that, and even smile like that in the end of the video if it happened to her relatives, or maybe herself..

-That's just so rude.. Does she even have brains?

-This is so upsetting..


-That shows how low her class is..


-Doesn't matter how much we curse and swear at her, people like her just.. don't change. They won't change, not even a little bit. I'm so sick of people like her..

-I wonder what's inside that head of hers..

-Whoa.. Why does she have head if it's empty, haha..

-Is she on her right mind?

-Please make a good use of that head of yours.. Use it to think..

-God doesn't give you head just to grow your hair out of it..

-Look at the last picture.. You sure she's not a psycho?