Thursday, March 23, 2017

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GQ and their ability take good pictures of idols

They somehow know how to find the different side of these idols that have never been revealed to the public..

-Ah.. My girls are seriously the best..

-I don't know who are the girls in the second and last picture..ㅠㅠ
  -It's Twice's Sana and GFriend's Eunha,.

-Whoa.. Look at Irene..8ㅅ8

-And they always take pictures with good and high quality..

-Eunha is so freaking cute..

-Hul.. Eunha in that picture looks so different to me.. I'm already used to see her with short hair..

-Hul.. Eunha doesn't even look like Eunha in that picture..

-I can't bring myself to agree..

-But they just did a photoshot with Lolita concept recently..

-I don't know who are the girls in this post beside Irene..

-GodQ.. Their pictorial with SHINee was absolutely beautiful..