Monday, January 9, 2017


The real identity of Ji Euntak

Netizens' speculations of Goblin's Kim Goeun real identity.

The conclusion of the whole article:
Kim Sun said something about having Wang Yeo in herself, and netizens speculated she was pregnant and that baby was Ji Euntak in her previous life. Judging from how Sunny cried when Ji Euntak came back to her restaurant after she quited working there means that the relationship between Ji Euntak and Sunny is something more than restaurant owner and a part time worker.. I'm getting goosebumps all over my body if this is true..

-Then that means she's still related with Kim Shin..!

-Well anyway, she has been born with a whole different family in her current life so I don't think there's any problem with her relationship with Kim Shin..?

-I think her current life right now is her first life ever.. I can feel it..

-Hmm.. But still, she doesn't have any family relations with Kim Shin in her current life..

-Whoa.. This is more complicated than I expected..

-That makes her Kim Shin's niece then.. This makes no sense..

-I don't think that's true.. If she was Kim Sun and Wang Yeo's baby, that makes Kim Shin is her uncle..

-I know this makes no sense.. But I can't stop thinking about this..ㅜㅜ

-What do you mean by that..? That was her previous life, she doesn't have any family relations with Kim Shin in her current life..

-This sounds convincing.. But if it's real then the whole plot is really complicated..

-I don't think so..

-That makes him her uncle, though..?

-She didn't even get to born in her previous life, then.. You can't say that she has a family relation with Kim Shin..

-I don't think Euntak has any previous lifes though..

-I don't think the plot is that complicated..

-Then she was Kim Shin's niece..? That makes no sense..

-When did Kim Sun say that she was pregnant? Isn't this too forced..?

-I hope it's not real..

-This is too forced and complicated..

-No way.. There's no way that it's true.. Right..?

-I think what she meant by 'having Wang Yeo in herself' is that she always think of him everywhere, and everytime.. Since the 'herself' in that context actually means 'heart/mind'..