Monday, January 9, 2017

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The group that makes you wonder if they're going with 'VIXX' concept

The left one is VIXX, and the right one is Snuper

They look similar until the rate people mistake Snuper as VIXX, but their company still don't have any thoughts on giving feedbacks about this..

-Whoa.. There's some idols who actually copy VIXX's style.. But please don't do this..

-Hakyeon once said he wants to be a trendsetter and it has finally come true..

-I thought those are all VIXX's pictures..

-Oh.. They really do look similar..

-I found out that the right one is Snuper after reading the post..

-Hul.. I thought they were from the same group..

-Judging by the chokers and the outfits, they don't only look similar, but they're actually copying VIXX's style..

-..? They're going too far.. I thought all of them were VIXX's members..

-Maybe they have the same stylists..?

-They might confused the fans at this rate..

-I can't even tell them apart..

-I'm a Starlight and I thought Snuper was VIXX when I first saw the picture..

-The fans must be really upset because of this.. It's just way too similar..

-Snuper's songs are really nice.. I wonder why do they have to copy VIXX's style..

-If even the muggles and non-fans say they look similar, then it means they really do look similar.. Please give a feedback as soon as possible..

-Hul.. No wonder why I felt like I've seen those outfits somewhere before..

-Especially the chokers..

-I think it's the stylists' fault, though..?

-???What is this..

-That's just.. VIXX..

-That's something beyond 'similar..'