Monday, January 9, 2017


A gif from Sulli's Instagram

-I'm really curious who recorded the video..

-First of all, I really don't like to see other people's nipples.. I don't think it's about Sulli being brave or confident about herself anymore.. She does that to attract attention, and I don't like it..

-Doesn't she feel cold..?

-I was really shocked when I first saw that post..

-I heard she's on vacation not only with Choiza, but also with Gaeko and his wife..

-I really don't care if she's not wearing any bra but please don't upload it on SNS..

-I hope people will just unfollow her and stop paying attention on everything she does..

-If wearing bra is uncomfortable for her, it's okay.. I can understand it. But she could at least wear some patch or anything like that..

-Her dress looks nice.. I wonder where did she buy it from..

-I personally wish her to stop doing these kinds of things..

-Oh God.. By the way, that's a really nice dress..

-I'm sure I have unfollowed her on Instagram but why do I keep seeing her whereabouts..

-I think it's the best for us to just stop paying attention to her..

-I'm starting to get used to see this side of hers.. It saddens me..

-The only thing I could think of is just 'What's wrong with her..?'

-She lives for your reactions, guys..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-I heard Choiza recorded that video for her.. I mean why.. What's wrong with him..

-Haha.. You should've just given your face to me..

-Why does she act like that..

-We wouldn't say anything if she's just wearing no bra.. It's because she's not wearing bra + she tries to gain attention for it..

-How could she walk around like that.. Doesn't she even feel embarassed..?