Saturday, December 17, 2016

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Two groups who have the same fanclub name

'Best Friend' is the name of Boyfriend's fanclub, and it has been used since 10 August 2011. And today, Gugudan revealed that they're going to use 'Dear Friend' as their fanclub's name

The definition of 'Best Friend' in Dictionary
'The closest friend'

The meaning of Gugudan's fanclub name:
'Means that the fans and Gugudan is really close with each other. A hope that Gugudan and their fans will be as close as how best friends usually are'

The definition of '단짝' in Dictionary:
'Best friend'
(means that it can't be translated as 'Best Friend' too)

But, 'Best Friend' has been used as Boyfriend's fanclub name since 11 August 2011.
The picture above is the screenshot of Boyfriend's leader announcing their fanclub name:
[B.F: Donghyun] Hello^^ I have a news for our fans, there might be some of you who already knows this. But we have decided to use 'Best Friend' as our official fanclub name. It has the same initial with Boyfriend too. We hope that we can be as close as how best friends are. Boyfriend and Best Friend, fighting!!

#Gugudan #VApp #OfficialFanclubName #DearFriend #Dear_Friend is announced!! #GugudanDearFriend let's be together for a really really long time~

Best Friend is the name of Boyfriend's fanclub name that they have been using for the previous 6 years, it has a lot of memories and meanings both to the fans and the idols.
I hope Jelly Fish will respond and give feedback about this.

-Are you sure the international fans will translate it and use 'Best Friend' instead of 'Dear Friend'? I bet they have no idea what does '단짝' mean and they're probably just going to use the official translation which is 'Dear Friend'.. I don't think this is something that Jellyfish should give feedback to..

-I don't see any problems in this case..

-Boyfriend's fans won't feel nice about this, Jellyfish should give feedback as soon as they can..

-They both have the same meaning..

-To those who thinks that this is not something that should be concerned, please see from the fans' point of views.. Both fanclub names have the same meaning.. And Boyfriend's fans have been using it for 6 years..

-Hmm.. I'm a muggle passing by, and I don't think there's a problem with this whole case because they don't have the exactly same meaning..

-Boyfriends' fans must be really upset to hear this..

-That's just the Korean word of Best Friend..

-I'm not Boyfriend's fan and I'm really upset to hear this, imagine how Boyfriend's fan would feel when they hear thisㅠㅠ It's their fanclub name..

-I don't see any problems..

-I think Jellyfish should respond to this, the translations of both words are exactly the same..

-Best Friend is the name we have been using as our fanclub name for 6 years, it's really meaningful for usㅠㅠ

-Eventhough they both have the same meanings, they have a completely different pronouncations...

-Eventhough they sound different, they have the same meanings..

-I'm sure this is a very sensitive problems for both fandoms.. I hope it can be solved soon..

-*sighs*.. Jelpi-ya..

-Whoa.. The fans wouldn't feel nice to hear this.

-It is a problem because both names have the same meaning..

-All of fangirls and fanboys know how precious and important is the meaning of their fanclub names..