Saturday, December 17, 2016

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Not a lot of people knows Krystal's English name

As we all know that Krystal has dual citizenships.
And we all know that Krystal's Korean name is Jung Soojung,
and a lot of people thinks that her English name is Krystal, the stage name that she has been using since her debut.

But actually, her real English name is:
Chrystal Soo Jung

-I know this..

-It's my first time hearing this..

-Then is 'Soo' her middle name?

-Whoa.. She looks really pretty in that picture..

-That picture makes my heart skips a beat..

-That's the picture I'm currently using as my lock screen!

-How about Jessica?
  -I heard it's Jessica Sooyeon Jung!
  -Nope, her English name is just Jessica Jung.

-Hul.. Even her name is really pretty..

-Is this for real?

-Her face is really beautiful and so is her name..ㅠㅠ

-Ah.. It somehow sounds really cool..

-Anyway, why is she so skinny.. She never fails to amaze me with her body..

-Krystal, Soojung.. Both names sound really pretty..

-My English name is Chrystal too!!

-I thought it was Jung Krystal..

-Hul.. I thought it was Krystal..

-How should I put this into words.. Her name.. sounds high-class and fancy..?

-Then why did SM decide to use K instead of Ch..?

-Jung Krystal Soo..

-Isn't it Christal Soo Jung?
  -It's Chrystal, not Christal!

-I'm not her fan but I know this..