Thursday, December 15, 2016

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The transformation of Irene's thighs

-You can't compare those two pictures, they were taken from different angles..

-I think her thighs just got stronger because she works out..?

-Her thighs look prettier now..

-I like her current thighs, they look pretty and healthy..

-Whoa.. She was really skinny during her debut days.. She looks a lot healthier now..

-If you pay a close attention to her legs during Russian Roulette, it look exactly the same with how her legs looked during Happiness.. Somedays, they look skinnier than her debut days..

-I'm really worried for her health, she's really skinnyㅠㅠ Please gain some weight..

-Her nose is a piece of art..

-I don't think the OP meant to say that Irene gained some weight.. They're just giving a proof of her thighs getting thicker because of all the working out she does..?

-I definitely told her to gain some weight!!! I told her that she was too skinny!!! She has to gain more weight, she will look prettier if she does.. Why do people keep saying mean things about her body..

-Oh.. Seems like she works out a lot these days..

-Her current thighs are way prettier than her thighs during her debut days..

-She looked skinny during her debut days, and she still looks skinny now..

-I personally like people with stick skinny bodies, so I prefer her body during Happiness rather than her current body. But it's Irene after all.. That doesn't matter at all, she's Irene..

-You always look pretty in my eyes, Baechu..

-I don't care if she gained weight or not, she still looks pretty..

-That doesn't look like fat.. I bet those are muscles..

-What is the purpose of the OP writing this post? She still looks pretty, nothing has changed..

-You all body shamed her for gaining some weight, that's why she lost it again for Russian Roulette's promotionsㅠㅠ

-It's really hard to keep your body in pretty shape like that.. Joohyun is the bestㅠㅠ

-Whoa.. 2014.. That was when she debuted right? She must have worked really hard on her diet..