Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Please take a look at this post..

You don't have to do anything, just read this post until the end.

I wish you all the best. 
I hope you'll solve all of problems that you have as soon as you can. 
Always be optimist and strong.. In short words.. I wish you all the bestㅠㅠ
I love you..


1. [+56][-1] Thank you and I love you, OP.. I will pray for your happiness<3

2. [+33][-0] The OP is such a kind-hearted person.. This post becomes a healing for me..

3. [+8][-0] I'm currently sick right now, so there's nothing I can do beside staying at home. People usually try to do everything to make them feel better when they get sick, but I just can't do that.. My friends are getting better now, but it feels like I'm the only one who shows no improvement. I often read Pann and I feel really thankful everytime I see this kind of heart-warming posts.. My whole body, my life, everything is a mess right now.. I hope it will get better soon.. I hope I can be as kind as you are..

4. [+5][-0] Have a good day, OP.. I love youㅠㅠ

5. [+4][-0] I hope I can get a best friend by the time school starts next year.. Someone who understands me..

6. [+3][-0] Thank you and I love you.. I hope things will turn out well for you, OP..

7. [+3][-0] My mother passed away last week and I cried a lot as I read this post.. This post has become the source of my energy for now.. Thank you so much, OP..

8. [+3][-1] Thank you<3

9. [+3][-0] I love you..

10. [+2][-0] Thank you.. And to the OP, the people who reads this post, and also my comment, I wish you all the best.. I hope things will turn out well for all of you, and I also hope for all of your dreams to come true.. I hope you'll be happy for the rest of 2016, and for the whole 2017.. No.. I hope you'll be happy for next year, the year after it, forever. I hope you can find happiness in every moments of your life..