Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Idols who lipsync

Then why are they holding mics on stage?
Do they even know how much one of it costs? If they're not going to sing live then those money should be spent to buy some good qualities and expensive mics to those singers who actually sing on stage..
To those who are going to defend them and ask 'Do you know how hard is it to sing and dance at the same time?'
You all should try to watch Bigbang's Bang Bang Bang, SHINee's Sherlock, BTOB's I'll be Your Man, Infinite's The Eye and Mamamoo's Decalcomanie..
To those groups who never sing live on stage, please put some effort, okay?


1. [+226][-189] You have to watch Exo's Monster.. They still sing live eventhough the choreography requires a lot of energy. Of course, they sound unstable at some points, but they still can be considered as freaking good..

2. [+156][-11] Bang Bang Bang's choreography is easy?? Well, if they're going to give up their singing because of the choreography, they should've debuted as a dancer.. Why bother being a singer?

3. [+69][-7] BlackPink still sings live eventhough their dance is really hard.. No wonder why Yang Hyunsuk bought them those expensive mics..

4. [+56][-6] I've watched an MR Removed video of Infinite's stage and I have to admit that they do sing live and they sound great..

5. [+26][-2] Compared to now, Bigbang's live singings during their early debut days weren't really good, but they still sang the song until the end.. Of course, they also put a lot of effort to their dancings. They run here and there, jump around, while singing and rappingㅋㅋㅋ And there's a comment saying that 'Bigbang doesn't need to synchronize their dance, so of course they have to sing live'ㅋ I can't believe that, they work really hard for that.. Look at those rookie idols who only know how to move their lips on stage, will they be able to overcome Bigbang's level right now? If they're going to lipsync, they should do it properly.. Just imagine how bad are their lipsyncing skills until the reporters write articles for that? There are a lot of idols that I find likeable lately, but they always disappoint me whenever I watch their stages..

6. [+18][-8] Seventeen also sings live!!!

7. [+18][-2] Seventeen lipsyncs? I've seen them performing on an event before and I started to like them because they sang it live.. But they lipsynced on Gayo Daejun?

8. [+15][-1] I know rightㅋㅋㅋ All of those money you spend to see them on their concerts and they just lipsyinc on all of their stages. I can't understand that..

9. [+15][-71] Mamamoo, BTOB, and Bigbang don't need to synchronize their choreographiesㅋㅋㅋ Of course they have to sing live, don't they?

10. [+13][-1] SHINee's Sherlock is amazing but Everybody is dope..